Sunday, April 9, 2017

I wonder should I send C&C to enrichment class?

Before I was married, I'm convinced that children should attend enrichment courses if not they might have difficulties in catching on with their school works (as per what I heard from my friends who has kids).

After having my own kids, C&C were send to full day childcare at a young age as hubby & I need to work and study (We were still pursuing our degree with Uni SIM - now known as Singapore University of Social Sciences. Thanks to my parents and in-law for the support of taking care of C&C when hubby and me had to attend night and weekend classes!)

As Cherie was a fast talker and started to speak a lot when she reached 1 year old, I was very worried about Cyrus as he did not start to speak at the same age as his sister plus he was always in a daze! I was contemplating to send him to those infant enrichment course which claim to train the left and right brain of babies. But the location of the enrichment center (at that time... now they increased the outlet) was inconvenient for me plus I still need to report to school during weekday nights & weekend and Cyrus will have to miss out a lot of classes if I really signed him on (plus it's not cheap... imagine we still need to pay for our school fees at that time). We decided to give Cyrus more time and waited for him to start to talk (well~ Albert Einstein only start to talk at age 4 don't he?) During our first family trip to Taiwan in 2014 (he was about 2 1/2 years old), he finally started to talk and became very bubbly! I was amazed as he only become like this on the first day we touched down in Taiwan and I still remember we were on our way to the hotel in a taxi and we saw beautiful rainbow welcoming us to Taiwan. From then on, he picked up very fast and in fact he was better in reading and counting compared to his sister! Ended up I became worry about Cherie and asked her teacher whether she is coping well during her first Parent Teacher Conference in Nursery 2. I would have thought that enrichment classes do wonder if I really did enrolled him in to those enrichment classes but in actual fact he was just learning at his own pace.

As and when I do feel the urge to send them to enrichment classes when I see a lot of enrichment center near our home. I talked to C&C teachers  during Parent Teacher Conference regarding their progress in school and whether in their opinion that C&C might need to attend any enrichment classes? The phrase which changed my mind was "If they learnt too much things in enrichment classes, they will feel bored when they come to school as they already learnt in advance". So now I will try to control myself and if they really cannot cope when they enter primary school... it's not late for me to send them to tuition center isn't it?

They are always so carefree and happy

Parents waiting outside the enrichment center for their children

Whole stretch of enrichment/tuition center at Punggol Waterway Mall

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