Saturday, May 13, 2017

First Day of Cruise - Not a happy start though

As it was our first time to travel on cruise, we missed out some information regarding what to do after boarding. The most important thing is... we didn't prepare snack for C&C! Our boarding time was 3pm and we managed to board around 2:30pm. When I saw the website it showed some of the café for snacks are operating 24 hours hence I didn't prepare any snack or bottle of water as it was indicated that no liquid can be pass thru the custom (similar rules in airport). We checked in our luggage and by the time we check our room the luggage had not arrive yet. We walked around and gosh the cafe was super crowded! C&C was still complaining that they were hungry and we need to go for the drill incase of emergency. All cafe and restaurant (complimentary or need to pay type) were closed for the drill. I think the drill was necessary incase of any mishap so can't complain much but as you know... Singapore is very hot and all the guest on board (I thought the cruise will be quite empty due to school exam but boy~ I was so wrong! There are a lot of tourist from other countries too!) were at the drill so it was crowded and hot plus some of the people dilly dally take their own sweet time to arrive after the captain announced that the drill won't end without them (room number and passenger name will be ticked after we confirm with the staff at the drill). C&C kept whining that they were hot and hungry and the hubby has been saying this will be the last time he try the cruise. I'm fine with it as I think the drill is important during emergency but I should have fed C&C or bring snacks for them before boarding. After the drill which was around 4:30pm (sailing time was 5pm) we tried to look for food for C&C but the cafe which was opened (and complimentary) was having a super long queue again! We tried looking for those paying restaurant (on cruise some of the restaurant are complimentary and some of the speciality restaurant needs to pay additional fee) but they only opens from 5:30pm which was our dinner time at the main dining hall so we returned to the stateroom to rest first and wait until dinner time. Thank goodness for the DreamWorks channel... at least the kids can watch cartoon and distract them from their hunger... :p

To be frank, when I see the room with balcony before we board the cruise I was wondering whether I made the wrong decision on booking for a small window oceanview stateroom. Ended up it rained for 3 straight nights before we enjoy a rain free 4th night which means... We would have paid extra $500.00 for balcony which we couldn't use due to the rain :p 

Our room for 4 nights. The room was like this when we arrived. After dinner there were 2 bunk bed available for the kids! Will post about it on next post.

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