Sunday, May 14, 2017

First Night of Cruise - Everything starting to get better

Its finally dinner time! We missed the DreamWorks parade as the show started at 5:30pm sharp and all mommy concern about was dinner! *lol*

We went to the Sapphire Dining Room for dinner and there is assigned wait staff and assistant wait staff for each and individual table. Our wait staff was very friendly and funny (my point of view) and C&C likes him too. We had to share table with other 2 family and just nice one of the family who sit at the same table as us were our neighbour (their stateroom were just beside our room). I'm not sure whether the check-in staff group us together based on the age of our kids as all 3 families have a Kindergarten 1 child in their family.

My food was good but hubby's pad Thai was not that fantastic. The hungry C&C enjoyed their dinner and we watched our first show in the cruise - "Ice Odyssey" (ice skating show) after dinner (our kind neighbour went to queue and get tickets for all of us before dinner was served). C&C loves the show and Cyrus was dancing along. After the show we went back to the room to bath and rest and ordered room service! Our eat and eat vacation began~

We are the only family (for this table) who ate straight 4 nights at the main dining room. I love the food here~ :p

The first night menu. We asked for a kid menu for the children but end up only order 1 kid meal for Cherie as Cyrus loves grilled chicken.

All children are served with fruits before the dinner starts.

I'm not sure why she love pizza sooooo much.

All the wait staff perform a song on the first night.

Mommy's dinner! It was good!

Dad's Pad Thai. Feedback from daddy was not that good though.

Cyrus's grilled chicken.

Mommy's not so tasty rice pudding. Dad's chocolate cake was better but I didn't take a picture. :p

By the time we went back the room after the ice skating show the bunk bed was ready (we did not request for it because we didn't know they can prepare bunk bed but I think the crew had the information regarding we are family of 4?!)

See how happy C&C was? They slept on the bunk bed by themselves the first night. 

The cruise compass which will provide daily activities so that you can plan which activity you want to go and their operation timing. It also indicate the dining time and dress code.

We ordered room service to  try out. Currently it was still complimentary but Royal Caribbean is upgrading their room service menu to includes Wagyu beef etc. They will staggarerd release the new menu in all their fleet of cruise (Voyage of the seas will be the last cruise to introduce new menu). After the implementation of new menu all room service will comes with a one time fee for each order (please check their website for more detail).

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