Monday, May 15, 2017

Second day of cruise - The parents got their freedom

During the dinner on the first night, our neighbour told us about the "Adventure Ocean" activity for the kids. We went up to deck 12 to check out but missed the operation timing during the first day. We have got daily planner for day 2 but it did not indicate the operational time for "Adventure Ocean" plus it was our first time cruising with Royal Caribbean (it's actually our first cruise too) I didn't understand how this "Adventure Ocean" works even though I read about it from the website before our cruise.

After we had our breakfast, we decided to walk up to deck 12 where "Adventure Ocean" located to check out the operation timing. We were in luck as it was open! I'm quite impressed with "Adventure Ocean"! It has Autism Friendly Activity included so all kids can have fun! We just need to sign a consent form (1 consent form for 1 cruise ride) and C&C can join the activity whenever we drop them there and just need to fetch them before the closing time.

The kids were given a wrist band which was waterproof and indicate the gangway which we were assigned during the drill incase of a emergency (in the event of emergency, the crew will bring the kids to the gangway which the parents will be to meet the parents. The gangway which have small boats enough for all passenger and crew to fleet for their lives during emergency). C&C had great fun until when we went to fetch them, Cherie was disappointed that we fetched them so early as they have not complete their activities.

Hubby & I were not used to having time on our own and we just explore the cruise by walking up and down. During lunch time I brought Cyrus to dine at main dining room as Cherie and daddy were not hungry, they decided to go ice skating by themselves. We met in the room after they finished their ice skating session.

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