Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Helping Hands on Housework

Recently daddy fracture his right hand and needs to keep his hand in cast for approximately 4 to 6 weeks depending on the recovery. Previously, housework were divided between daddy and mommy so when daddy hurt his hand, all housework have to rely on mommy.

C&C's mommy has been a working mom since first pregnancy (before that I'm just purely working adult without kids) and we did not hire any helper to help since we share the housework and see no needs to hire one. The housework plus taking care of the family well-being is a bit over whelming for the past two weeks (daddy's hand has been in cast for two weeks). Beside cooking for the family, I need to do the dishes; wash and do the laundry for the family; vacuum and mop the floor; change the bedsheets and wash it; bath the kids (sometimes supervise the young one if he tried bathing himself and sometimes Cherie asked for help if not she normally can bath herself). On top of that I still need to report to my full time work from 9:30am to 6pm and attend meetings to translate for my boss and the customer (I'm not working as sales but they need my help to translate hence I need to run around sometimes).

Honestly speaking, I was tired and can't help but nag at my poor hubby who didn't break his hand on purpose (he slip and fall while taking care of Cyrus at the swimming pool).

I have no choice but to pass the load to C&C since they show willingness to help. They might not really do a clean job in vacuum and mopping but they actually helped me a lot as I can do a quick cleanup after they did first round (okay~ I think I have OCD in cleaning... I vacuum every single tiles and corner including under the bed and under the sofa by pulling out the partially faulty sofa bed. When I mop I must mop tiles by tiles and clean the mop every 2 to 3 rows of tiles but not really to the extend to sparkling clean like my friend who mop until the pail of water do not change color - she keep changing the water in the pail and mop until the water did not change color to consider the floor as clean).

Regarding the laundry, C&C helps to put in the dirty clothes (I will start the machine but now teaching them how to operate it) and pull out the clean clothes from the washer after the machine is done and help to do the laundry which they can reach (light weight and small type. They can't help to dry the bedsheets and blanket as it is too heavy for them).

That is how C&C started to help housework recently and I seriously hope they can continue... :p
p.s: some of the picture below incase you wonder, those were C&C's own underwear~

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