Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cherie's Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

It seems like yesterday when we held on to Cherie's little hand and brought her to childcare when she turned 18 month old. In a blink of eyes she is graduating from kindergarten!

I still remember Cherie cried for around 2 weeks in the beginning when we brought her to school and leave for work. The hubby was soft-hearted and asked me whether we should withdraw her from the childcare. I insist in placing her in and mentioned we can't be withdraw her from primary school in future if same thing happens. Furthermore it's not easy to get a place in public school childcare and I actually queued for near to 1 year with 200 children in queue infront of our application (I applied when Cherie was around 8 months old and I was pregnant with Cyrus).

As time goes by, Cherie learned a lot of things in school and enjoy school a lot. Though sometimes there were some hiccups here and there, we just covered one eye and continue to move on. She is going to enter to another phase next year (primary school) and I'm curious about what lies ahead.

Cherie was in toddler class and Cyrus was in infant care. They were enrolled in Aug'12.

A blink of eyes, she is now graduating from kindergarten

A bouquet of flower for someone special

Cherie & her classmates performance

Closure of the ceremony

Mommy always proud of you darling!

Opps! Forgot to tilt to hide the selfie stick :p

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