Sunday, October 29, 2017

Children Friendly Restaurant - the SUMMERHOUSE

We came here as it was quite near to our house and we failed to get a table previously when we came. Hence we come here for brunch this Saturday since I need to stop C&C's swimming lesson temporary due to clash on Cherie's primary school orientation (I've discussed with the instructor before conclude to pause the lesson).

There were small play area for young children to play with and C&C were very happy running around.
The food are very healthy but not to the hubby's liking :p It taste fine for me though except for a small incident. The sea bass I ordered was not fully cooked. The center of the fish was still raw though the side were ok. I informed the kitchen about the fish but was in shocked to hear from the staff whether I need a heat up? If they heat up the fish with the plate is fine but the fish was grilled! Imagine I ate halfway and they heat up in the grill again... isn't the next customer going to eat my saliva (which remains on the grill I mean)? Lucky end up they served me a new fish and this time it was fully grilled. The wait staff (she was not around when I look for the kitchen staff regarding the fish but I am glad she appeared later as she apologised and explain to us. At least her attitude salvage our unpleasant incident). The Chef compensate a bowl of fries to us and the newly cooked fish was alright hence we didn't pursue further.

Overall though there was unpleasant incident, but I think the crisis management by the staff were quite well. The food are very healthy but frankly speaking it's on the high end. 1 main course is $20+ plus service charge and GST.

Location: 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387

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