Sunday, December 10, 2017

Genting Dream - Before transit in Penang (exploring the cruise)

After breakfast we proceed to explore around since we only tried to explore the open play area previously. Furthermore, we will only reach Penang at around 5pm hence we have lots of time until then.

Working MaMa vs C&C
The "Mermaid" and the "waves". Yeah~ I didn't type wrongly... Cherie tried to pose like the mermaid while Cyrus pose like the waves. We were wondering why he pose like this when I was taking the photos but after looking at the waves carefully... finally I understand... *lol*

Working MaMa vs C&C
The theme of this cruise is mermaid and astronaut. So you will see a lot of art pieces related to mermaid and astronaut.

This is one thing which I don't like... The casino are designed in the middle of Deck 8 and Deck 7. We stayed in the room at FWD (frontwards of the cruise) and Dream Dining Room Upper and Lower is located at Deck 7 and Deck 8 AFT (at the back of the cruise). So whenever we want to crossover to the restaurant, we will pass by the casino with our kids! Imagine people smoking and gambling while the kids roam around freely...

Working MaMa vs C&C
Key Master. I am not sure how to play with it~

In the morning on the first day was quite quiet... We passed by in the middle of the night and found that people starts to get active playing when the night falls.

Working MaMa vs C&C
This cruise is super smart! Not only they sell some souvenirs, they also sell adaptor; milk powder; slipper; off the shell medicine (Japanese medicine). You don't have to worry about missing to bring anything.

At Deck 6 (mid). As Genting Dream do not have same function of pre-register credit card payment online like Royal Caribbean and I didn't want to queue up for payment on last day of sailing, so I went to the concierge behind this bar to link the room cards to my credit card. Luckily I activate overseas usage before I board the cruise cause they will hold S$3,000.00 and refund the remaining if the expenses did not hit S$3,000.00 on the last day! Lucky I activate the credit card for overseas expenses from our first day till last day. Royal Caribbean only charge on last day of sailing hence initially I was contemplate to just activate for last day of sailing.

In Singapore we have breadtalk and toast box... On cruise we have Bread Box... hmmm~

Think this was an explanation on excursion. There were few talk held at this area and also night movie. Daddy watched a late night movie (Spiderman) by himself over here during midnight.

As the embarkation will be 5pm onwards, Little Pandas Club was opened in the afternoon hence we went to explore the arcade after we placed C&C in the Little Pandas Club

Seems like I'm not the only one who likes to take photo~ :p
They really have a lot of nice artworks onboard

Crystal Life Spa healthy snack bar (see see look look)

Crystal Life Spa healthy snack bar (see see look look)

Crystal Life Spa beauty products

Don't worry if you forget to bring swimwear~ all you need is credit card! (>.^)

We have been eating too much.. time to get some exercise

Video of the whole gym and what's available

The gym here is spacious compare to the private gym at Dream Palace

Exercising with a view

Need to burnt calories so that I can eat more... Opps!

I... cannot... resist... playing... games... while I exercise... :p

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