Saturday, December 9, 2017

Genting Dream - First morning of our cruise (breakfast time)

We turned in early on the first night of cruise due to exhaustion. Don't get me wrong, we didn't get exhausted boarding or playing onboard. As our boarding time were 7:30pm, C&C spend too much time on asking us whether can we go to the cruise yet since morning. They didn't nap due to the excitement.

I woke up quite early and the rest were still sleeping so I went to the balcony to have some "me" time and quietly waiting for the family to wake up so that I can have my breakfast. Can't wait to go to the restaurant to see what is available!

Working MaMa vs C&C
I woke up around 6:30am and the sky started to turn bright. Due to the cloudy weather, didn't manage to see sunrise though.

While I was enjoying my "me" time, I scroll to the Dream Cruise app to check the restaurant. My personal opinion is if they could add in the "Today's Menu" in the app will be great since they already have the app to show you the daily activities available. Genting Dream Onboard App

The daily menu is available on the LED screen outside the restaurant.

The table setting in Dream Dining Room Lower. Located at Deck 7. Since it was the first day hence we just anyhow select the restaurant. We get smarter after a few days and I will blog about it later to tell you what I meant.

Dream Dining Room Lower is semi-buffet style and the crew will approach us with a menu to take our order for egg selection. The first day I saw this menu, I almost choked. The problem is I can read both English and Chinese well so the translation of "Poached Egg" in Chinese indicated "Cooking Egg Water". Who will want to try the water which used to cook egg? *LOL* By the way, they maintain the menu without changing it until our last day of sailing. I think it is funny because the cruise came from Hong Kong home port which used to sail to China so a lot of their staff are China Chinese hence I think they should know the correct Chinese words to replace it.

Brief video on the restaurant setting

Working MaMa vs C&C
After this meal she keep asking me to go back to the same restaurant for the hotdogs...

Working MaMa vs C&C
The son who is non-picky eater ate everything

Daddy & Mommy's sunny side up. We have 1 plate each.

Ordered scrambled eggs for C&C but they only eyeing on the buffet.. end up I have to finish their eggs for them *burp*

Working MaMa vs C&C
See~ she is so happy... With a mini sausage in her mouth (her favourite food)

Working MaMa vs C&C

The buffet line

Working MaMa vs C&C
This restaurant is located at the back of the cruise so there is a view near the stage

Daddy's introduction of Dream Dining Room Lower (Deck 7)

Here we go!

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