Monday, December 11, 2017

Genting Dream - Before transit in Penang (Play! Play! Play!)

Cherie was lucky! She has been watching "real life mermaid" on youtube and she saw a "real mermaid" at the pool when we were walking around! 

The mermaid actually open class onboard for both children and adults to have the chance to swim like a mermaid with mermaid tail but too bad Cherie wasn't a good swimmer (to sign up for the class you need to be a good swimmer as the tail is not a swimming supporting tool). I would have queue up and tell the maid "just take my money" as I know how much Cherie hope to have a mermaid tail (her christmas wish last year was a mermaid tail costume but as I know that it's impractical hence I talked her off).

After seeing the mermaid, we went to the ropes course and queued up to play only to find out that it only allow "kids" who have minimum height of 140cm to play. I sure wish they can indicate in their brochure or on their website... We didn't know about this and have been telling C&C about the ropes course available hence they have high hope on playing it (they had fun at Forest Adventure previously). Luckily there was a mini version so they ended up playing the mini version and were not so disappointed.

Working MaMa vs C&C
I was using a waterproof mobile case when I took this picture... A bit regret as it turns out a little blur. But think Cherie had an magical moment when she saw the mermaid in real life.

Mermaid swimming towards us! Too bad it was rather crowded hence I couldn't take a better video of it.

Working MaMa vs C&C
They were playing at the mini ropes course while daddy was queuing and mommy was busy taking photos... I overheard some people saying only 140cm and above can play the real ropes course only after about 10 minutes of queuing... (T-T)

Working MaMa vs C&C

Working MaMa vs C&C

Working MaMa vs C&C

Working MaMa vs C&C

Cherie asked me to take a video of her when she was going for a second round.

The kids swimming area; slides and playground which C&C loves!

It was real fun! And yes... I played with the slides a few times too.

C&C made me play with them on this slide but I always slide much faster down than them... They thought they always lose in sliding faster.. They didn't know my weight plays a part... :p

Working MaMa vs C&C
We dropped them at panda club for 2 hours and saw them playing with the motion dancing game when we fetching them

Working MaMa vs C&C
They sure know how to shake...

Show time! China got talent! I was joking to hubby that the wife (they are married couple) won't dare to provoke the husband whenever they need to perform.

Super exciting!

Moon walker. He have quite a strong pair of arms.

Super hard head I shall say

The picture might be unclear but its actually 2 twin sister who bend their back as if they don't have bones!

Monkey King!

I quite like this performance!

Free gift when we enrol to their Dream Elite. They are super smart... The app indicate complimentary welcome drink is available and I asked the crew at the lobby cafe about it, the crew told me only certain level they will provide welcome drink. I was asking her if one night stay is 200 point per balcony stateroom, I should have clocked 1,000 for 5 nights. The crew told me... "Oh! The points will be reflected after you disembark the ship at the home port...". If you get what I mean... Aren't they really smart?

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