Saturday, December 9, 2017

Genting Dream - Here we begin our eat & drink & play journey

We consider as starting our holiday from our first meal~

As C&C were still in Little Pandas Club, daddy & mommy proceed to eat dinner by themselves since we saw the Lido (one of the inclusive restaurant) was opened.

As we started late, the crew told us the buffet line will be ending around 9:30pm so we took the food and put aside first since C&C's assigned time for Little Pandas Club was until 10pm (they had sandwiches during check in time around 7pm hence we were not worry about them being hungry). I read the news that the cruise schedule was heavily delayed before our trip (think our trip was 2nd or 3rd trip of the cruise after they changed home port to Singapore) hence they prepare a lot but after that the check in and boarding were more smoothly hence they did not offer sandwiches and bottle water after our trip. But they serve meals immediately after guests board the cruise.

Everything started fine and our journey begins (the cruise started sailing around 10+pm).

The grilled food and seafood were nice but the crab is so-so

Think this is mixture of lamb chops and beef.

Cherie's favourite... Without the fish. Though I love the fish! *Yummy*

I'm amazed by the butter dispenser! Too bad I forgot to take video of this dispenser.

Taste great with coffee!

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