Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Short trip to Bali: One bedroom villa at Aleva Villa

We have planned our Bali trip since two to three months ago. In fact, I booked this villa because it was very near to the international airport (approximately 30 minutes drive without heavy traffic) and the pictures which I can find online were very attractive. 

The reason why I booked a villa near to the airport was because the timing of our flight. I wanted to book SQ flight as usual however the price went almost 50% up after I contemplated for two days! Ended up I booked the air tickets with budget airline Scoot but due to the timing available, by the time we touch down Bali at 6pm, after clearing custom and getting luggage it will be approximately 7pm to 7:30pm. If we were to book accommodation which is 2 hours away I think C&C will go super cranky! 

As I knew C&C will be hungry by night time during arrival, I arranged with the villa for airport transfer (I booked the villa via Agoda when I googled the nearest villa near the international airport. Their friendly staff informed me if I booked directly with them via their website, the airport transfer will be complimentary! Just an additional information if you would like to book direct from their website, their website was slightly slow when I visited hence you can call in to them to make your booking). 

After reaching the villa, we got a complimentary welcome drink and the check in were very smooth. The only problem I met was they do not accept Amex and I only activated Amex for overseas usage. They need the credit card for deposit incase you consume anything during your stay. I brought my ATM/Debit card with me (I brought it to use at Singapore Changi airport when I need to withdraw money or purchase food for C&C) which was under Master but I did not activate it for overseas use hence it was as good as can't use! The villa staff photocopied my debit card but informed me that due to this circumstances, it is ok to use cash for final payment. So, just a reminder that Amex can be used at some restaurants in Bali but cannot be used in Aleva Villa. Its better to take note if you would like to stay in this villa (small issue I think but at least if you take note you won't have a heart attack like me *lol*).

After settling everything, the staff led us to our room (just an additional information, all the staff here are very friendly and when I was distressed about the credit card deposit they never frown or anything just told me another option which they can do it). The room was exactly what I saw from the pictures when I Googled!
This is the kitchen/dining area beside the main entrance of our villa
The room with 2 sofa. Actually they can arrange for extra mattress upon request but it cost around S$40+ per night so we all squeezed on 1 bed with C&C. Luckily C&C are still young and very slim so we didn't have any problem sleeping together. The bed is very comfortable by the way!
Isn't this so lovely? Ended up C&C took the pedals from here and threw it in the bathtub and have a "flower" bath :p
The restroom area. I have viewed review that the towel have some stains etc. I did see some black colour stains but the towel smelled very fresh hence I think maybe they didn't use bleach but it is fine to us as Cherie and I have eczema problem, the towel and bedsheets there didn't affect our eczema (What I'm trying to say is their towels and bedsheets are clean even though there are visible stain. We would have know if the towels and bedsheets were dirty as I'm allergic to dirt and dust).
The bathtub~ the shower area~ the toilet with semi shaded glass~

We tried to go out to look for food but I think that area was tourism area (by the way, outside of the villa were quite dark at night without much street lights.. its pretty scary to bring children around), the nearest restaurant available was selling pizzas, finger food and alcohol. We didn't think it is suitable for C&C hence we went back to the villa to order room service instead (room service last order is around 10pm). Glad we did that! The food were great!
Beef cheese burger
Indonesian Fried Noodle
Spicy Beef Butter Rice
Guess who wants to play in the pool after dinner?

I didn't want to get in to the pool with full stomach hence I relaxed at the hammock
Shampoo and shower gel are provided
See~ They were so happy~ As usual~ we paid~ they enjoy~ :p
We bought the beer from convenient store / mini mart outside the villa (less than 5 minutes walk. There are 2 mini mart, one on the left and one on the right when you walk out of the villa's main entrance). The fridge they provided also have beer and drinks with additional charge. It is slightly expensive than the same products we bought from the mini mart but price is still acceptable which is less than $1 difference - for those who are lazy to walk out)
Our morning view. I took this picture when I was in the bath room brushing teeth. The brown colour door behind the blue umbrella is our main door which is pretty near to the reception.
What we did was jump in the pool from here, get up and jump in the bath tub
❤️ the green
Look what the kids found in the cabinet?
All 4 of us were here! I prefer the wordings to be "don't wanna leave" *LOL*
All of us enjoyed the hammock
Google very hard for attractions. A lot of places we want to go has some age limit and Cyrus haven't even turn 6 years old.
This is a must try! We booked our room with breakfast and floating breakfast is optional with a top-up. It cost around S$8 after tax and service charge. C&C were very excited (me too in fact). The only problem is after the children finish their food, they tried to splash water plus the "floating breakfast" keep floating away. Hence we only tried on first day. But I most recommend this as a must try when you are here. Too fun to miss.

A glimpse on how the floating breakfast look and you can imagine how we need to chase after our breakfast while it float away. The pool has jacuzzi function which the waves make it float further away from us *lol*
Hubby and I were enjoying the jacuzzi (where the bubbles came from) while eating our breakfast
After the breakfast, hubby and me placed the basket on the side of the pool so that we can have a small swim before we go out for attraction
Fun Float also available! I wanted to arrange one but the pool was 1.5m deep and C&C can't swim very well. They would have drown if they accidentally fall from the float. It looks fun for honeymoon though!
I didn't know~ but at least they are very versatile if not I will be in deep trouble :p
Overall we enjoyed our stay here very well and we think we were very lucky to book here (there are so many villa available around Seminyak area).
Our farewell gift from the villa! Aren't they so super sweet! ❤️
The exceptional service makes our stay a super wonderful one!


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