Friday, May 25, 2018

Bali: Kopi Luwak and everything fun in the farm!

After leaving Mt Batur, we chance upon a big signboard showing Kopi Luwak (cat poo coffee). I insisted I wanted to go in while the hubby have second thoughts. I think sometimes le hubby on and off might forget rule #1 which was suppose to keep his life nag free and peaceful. Let me refresh again~ rule#1: Your wife is always right! :p

Anyway, when the driver pull over at their parking lot I was a bit taken back as I didn't see any shop or cafe except the rest station where a staff was sitting there. Our driver stayed at the rest station to take his break and we followed the staff and went in a secret garden like pathway to a beautiful farm.

I would like to ask the farm owner whether he needs a god daughter when we were talking to him but he already have 4 daughters of his own... (too bad) I think I can just stay in the farm and eat fruits from the trees and cut cinnamon off the tree for cooking (gosh! I didn't knew the cinnamon which we commonly used in kitchen were actually tree bark!).

We asked the driver to join us and we bought him a cup of Luwak Coffee. The coffee was too strong for his liking. :p We enjoy a lot and hubby finally understand the rule#1 is always correct! *LOL*

The pathway which lead us to the mini shop

Something caught C&C's eyes which almost freaked me out!

Super huge bat!!!!

The scenery here is really beautiful. It's really like a secret garden. Too bad I was amazed by the bat, the coffee and the interesting teas and missed out to take picture of the surrounding.

An explanation on the Luwak Coffee

Buy 1 Luwak coffee comes with lots of free sampling

I didn't know Avocado trees grow so tall!!!

I'm just curious whether when the bat pee... will it pee on its face? Too bad... or luckily?!?! it did not pee when I was standing right in front of it.

C&C were quite brave and they enjoy feeding the bat.. while their mommy standing further away taking videos of them feeding the farm owner's pet

Make a guess what this is? It's cinnamon! I didn't know cinnamon is actually dried up tree bark!

Almost all of the plants we see in the farm are selling in the mini shop

An hedgehog! The owner of the farm really has some "exotic pets" (I'm referring to the bat and hedgehog)

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