Sunday, June 10, 2018

Children's Festival 9 Jun to 9 Sep 2018 @ National Gallery Singapore

We are always thinking of ways to wear out our energetic C&C. The weather has been unbearable hot for the past few days and I am thinking where to bring the kids to wear off their energy yet we parents still can keep our sanity (seriously I have been short temper due to the weather is too hot and C&C are too noisy).

Just nice that from 9 Jun onwards until 9 Sep 2018, National Gallery Singapore will be holding Children's Festival: Small Big Dreamers 2018. The best part of going to the museum will be... free entry for Singaporean and PR (remember to bring along your identical card with you)! Non-Singaporean can get their ticket at the ticketing counter located at B1. Check here for the price for special exhibition and non-Singaporean.

We have been to National Gallery Singapore approximately one year ago and they have changed some of their exhibit so at least C&C were not bored and have fun playing different stuff and at the same time learn some facts with the interactive games.

C&C builded a small castle around them. The blocks were made out of cardboard.

National Gallery Singapore~ the gallery is housed in two national monuments - City Hall and former Supreme Court. 

One of the exhibit which allows children to make noise.. lots of noise... Ok.. I admit! I am one of the children! Hitting pan with spatula and hitting pot with chopstick is fun you know? I can't resist it... :p

Merry go round? and round and round and round....

A video I did showing some of the exhibit which C&C plays with

Interactive games! Decorate the people and colour their costume and send them to the interactive wall and the "people" will walk around

They spend quite some time to build their mini castle over here while daddy and mommy walk around looking at other exhibit

Think this is a permanent exhibit. We have been here the previous time too. But nevertheless it is still fun to play with. This exhibit teach about ink and prints.

Artist at work~

Another permanent exhibit. This exhibit teach about the process to make ceramics.

Interactive games for children to do a virtual vase

This is quite fun for C&C and they ran around which I find it quite hard to catch up with them...

A bird cage with fear and hope written on the feathers

We went up to the roof garden and find this beautiful bamboo maze. At the center of this bamboo maze is a beautiful Japanese tea house which can house 4 visitor at one time.

There will be free tea ceremonies holding once a month (per what I heard from the staff), it is better to check on the event schedule of the website to confirm the date to plan for the visit.

The "ZEN" daddy and son 

View from the roof top

An interactive table introducing art piece and artist via electronic ways

Special exhibit. Too bad the timing we went were quite late and the show are not suitable for C&C at all hence we didn't check this out.

The list of shows

Very beautiful exhibit

We went back to the first exhibit and C&C continues to play

This is an artwork by an artist

Our dear son trying to re-enact the artwork *lol*

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