Saturday, June 16, 2018

PIP's PLAYbox @ Esplanade theatres on the bay Singapore

I received a flyer on PIP's PLAYbox previously and have intention to visit out of curiosity... or you may say I was running out of idea where to bring C&C to play so since this is somehow new hence I have been thinking of visiting here~ *lol*

We visited PIP's PLAYbox which is located on level 4 of Esplanade (theatres on the bay Singapore) after our visit to National Gallery Singapore on Saturday (9th June 2018) but it was already 6:30pm and PIP's PLAYbox has closed. Cherie was very disappointed and she was very determine to re-visit during operation hour hence we came back next day afternoon (Sunday).

The good thing about this children's arts space is... admission is free for everyone! It's opening hour is  from 11am to 6pm daily but they will close for cleaning from 2pm to 3pm daily (No complains. I prefer a clean play area too!).

Registration needs to be done before the kids can run... I mean walk freely inside~ registration can be done via mobile devices by connecting to Freewifi@esplanade (only available when you are within the building), go to and fill in the form. Show the staff your code and collect a sticker and your kids can have fun doing activities or read their wide range of books. Registration can also be done using the iPad available inside the PLAYbox. Please take note that adult supervision is required at all time.

PIP's PLAYbox is a children’s arts space which includes a cosy loft, a roomy arts and craft area, a reading corner filled with books by Singapore writers and illustrators (I ended up reading the books over there while C&C were playing :p), as well as an outdoor play area. In conjunction with Esplanade’s festivals and series, they host a range of activities in this space, from storytelling sessions to self-guided craft activities.

For more information, visit their website:

Self-guided craft activities available near the entrance.

It is a small area but quite nice and cosy. There was an activity going on and all the children were crowding at the same area dancing and singing.

Naturally~ C&C ran straight here (the activity) when they heard the music

My favourite!

I can stay here whole day to be frank (especially with air condition.. :p)

They have some toys for the kids to play. I was reading some children books while C&C playing with the magnetic blocks.

The art & craft area provides complimentary supplies

Somehow Cyrus joined me in reading after he had enough fun playing with the toys

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