Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Pattaya Tower Park Revolving Restaurant & Tower Jump (Thailand)

It's actually mommy's company retreat and family are welcome (with a fee of course but the employee aka mommy's portion will be covered by the company) so here we go~

We were schedule for lunch at Pattaya Tower Park's revolving restaurant, the sceneries were beautiful as the sky was clear that day. The food are quite normal and nothing much to complain to be frank.

As this was included in the tour arranged by the company, I am not sure about the cost hence I went to google for the price and it seems like it cost approximately 600 Thai Baht per pax (around SGD25 to SGD30) which I think the price is quite fair and not expensive (compare to Singapore's restaurant :p).

From our guide (whom can only speak Japanese and Thai so I have to do realtime interpretation to daddy since our family is the only non-Japanese in the whole bus), our ticket inclusive of Tower Jump but he had disclaimed any responsibility and informed that the equipment are not 100% safety.

While we were having lunch we kept seeing people jumping down hence we decided to go up to level 56 to take a look (the revolving restaurant we had lunch was at level 52).

There are total of 3 selection available. Tower Jump (1 pax), Speed Shuttle (2 pax) and Cable Car (6 pax). Cherie wanted to go down by Tower Jump or Speed Shuttle but she only manage to meet the minimum height of 120cm but not the minimum weight of 45kg (she weight around half of the minimum weight. Maximum weight is 150kg) hence daddy ended up went down via Tower Jump by himself. The only ride C&C can take to go down will be cable car but too bad we were slow to finish our lunch (we were the last one to leave the restaurant among our group) and daddy took some time to jump down as there were queue (who is going to take video of him if I don't take?).

Ended up we were late for the meeting time the guide had informed and I gave up waiting for the cable car which will slide down to the beach and I will need to run back to the ticketing office which the bus was waiting. Took the lift back down and Cherie was utterly disappointed (sorry girl~).

Nevertheless it was a fun experience (for daddy to experience, for mommy to look at and take photos/video).

You can check out more on Pattaya Tower Park here.

From level 56. They were watching people jumping off the tower.

While waiting for the guide to get us the tickets (they will tear the tickets at level 1 entrance; at the entrance of the revolving restaurant and last ticket was to pass to the staff for jumping off the tower)

Super nice sea view~ after awhile we were revolved to land view~

The son always show funny face...

The buffet line. Lucky we were early... There were another big group after us

The food we got. Drinks are free flow but too sweet to my likings. Prawns are not really fresh but the rest were ok.

Sea view became land view after awhile


Speed Shuttle which have same limitation as Tower Jump hence Cherie couldn't play with this too. Initially we thought she can go down with daddy. By the way, both person (left and right) cannot have weight difference of more than 20kg if they want to go down by speed shuttle.

You need to produce your ticket (total 3 portion and entrance to lift & entrance to restaurant already took 2, last 1 is for this) and sign on disclaimer before you can proceed to jump.

Safety gear

Daddy will bring down the bag for me~ He look so happy~ *lol*

Someone enjoyed his jump! By the way, it's much faster compare to taking the elevator :p

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