Thursday, September 6, 2018

Staycation @ Furama Riverfront Singapore II

Continue from my previous blog. The package we purchased inclusive of 30 minutes play at Waka Waka located at Annex building of Furama Riverfront. I've brought socks for hubby and me as I was planning to go to the gym (which we didn't manage to go...) but didn't bring socks for the kids. Socks are available for sale at S$3.90 per pair and the design is actually quite nice. After purchase of the socks, its time to play. Cherie and Cyrus were super happy running around inside.

There is a "Junior" play area for children under height 90cm (I think it's for babies? I remember C&C was already over 90cm by age 2).

It's actually good for children to wear their energy off while parents can have some drinks at the cafe called "The Lion's Den". You can purchase additional play time when booking the hotel room which sells at discounted price. For me, since there is play area and swimming pool hence there's no reason to spend another S$30 (S$15 per child) for 2 hours play. C&C wanted to play more but they always leave when they are being told to.

Luckily the swimming pool did not disappoint C&C. There were inflatable slides; floats and balls available for children to play from 9am to 6pm. There was also a small sand play area suitable for young children and herb garden for a little learning experience. Swimming pool has an area which is 50cm depth which is suitable for young children to play in (with parent supervision of course).

C&C has been learning swimming for almost one year but I think Cyrus is still not up to standard yet hence asked hubby to take care of both of them. Glad that they all have fun!

Too many pictures to show so I will continue on the restaurant on next blog :p

The tired daddy! *lol*

Unicorn cupcakes from the hotel

These are bathrobes... not kung fu master robe you know?

24hours vending! Food~ drinks~ toys~ medication~ and condom~ they really cover all the basis.. *evil grin*

The floats and balls are all provided by the hotel

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