Thursday, October 25, 2018

Staycation @ Furama Riverfront Singapore III

Our package includes complimentary buffet dinner at The Square@Furama or Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant including free-flow of soft drinks (the soft drinks were actually self-made fizzy drinks).

We selected The Square@Furama due to the play area available inside the restaurant. Well~ it is the only way we can slowly enjoy our dinner while C&C have fun!

From the website, it indicated the restaurant had been voted as one of Singapore's top restaurant but I noticed the last award indicated was in 2008 (you know what I'm trying to say here right? :p). The food was quite normal but I personally think the desserts were quite good. Most important thing is children can have fun after their dinner and parents can take their own sweet time to enjoy their dinner.

The fizzy bar is an interesting concept. You can make your own "soft-drinks" at the fizzy bar.

We came back again next morning for the complimentary breakfast. I was amazed by the pancake machine.

After breakfast, C&C went straight to the pool before we end our 22 hours vacation. 

Even before we can take food from the buffet line, C&C has rushed into the play area. 


Love the dessert!

Singapore Style Coffe/Tea

If you follow our facebook page Working MaMa vs C&C you will know how Cyrus love his watermelons....

I always love desserts with coffee without sugar

Le hubby said this is fine dinning style (just a reminder that we were having buffet)

Energetic C&C... continue to dance&dance...

Pancake machine!

Kopi! (Singapore style: Coffe with condense milk)

Walk around after breakfast as it was raining. This view is available from Waterfall Lounge

C&C relaxing~ we pay... they relax...

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