Friday, January 11, 2019

Cyrus attending primary school + Student Care (After school care)

It's 2019! Time really flies! It seems like yesterday when we took our four month old son to infant care and now he is attending P1 (primary 1).

All thanks to his elder sister, he has priority in admission to primary school and student care which Cherie is attending hence I have less stress this year though Cyrus is born in the year of dragon (normally dragon year have higher birth rate hence competition is stiff).

Same as when Cherie attending primary school on first day, the mommy is the most anxious. Both C&C were very calm and relax. *lol*

This time round, parents were only allowed to visit the primary school to give their children who are attending P1 some morale support on the first day of school. I just showed my face and waved like crazy during 7:30am (reporting time); 10am (recess) and 12:30pm (end of school but Cyrus was assigned to attend student care so I just waved at him when he was having lunch and left for home.

Thanks to his elder sister doing PR (public relation) for him, Cyrus was sort of popular between the P2 students. So he was sort of enjoying the attention for the first few days.

First three days of school were orientation to allow the children get to know their classmates and their new teacher in charge (this year school day starts from Wednesday so official school days start on Monday of second week.

I shall continue blogging about his first official school day in my next blog.

He was so excited to attend primary school due to his ❤️ of math. He told me he is finally going to learnt more math *lol*

Parents were not allowed to go in to their class. We just stand outside for awhile.

Recess time! You don't how hard I waved to get his attention... Just trying to show morale support :p

This is after school and during lunch time after he reported to student care

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