Saturday, January 12, 2019

Cyrus's first official school day in Primary School and problem following

Actually both C&C have different characters though they are brother and sister. Cyrus missed out to pack his wallet on first official school day (he has some $2 notes in cabinet and he was supposed to refill his wallet everyday which Cherie has been doing last year).

I already knew about it when we were on the way to school. I have already told him to pack his wallet and bag the day before but he was busy playing hence he forgot to pack. In order to teach him a lesson, I didn't give him extra money but I did inform Cherie to take care of him since P1 and P2 share the same recess time and they already planned to meet during recess (they planned and informed me about their plan).

I knew that Cherie always bring $2 and only spend $1.30 for food during recess and she normally don't buy drinks if she have her water bottle. Cyrus didn't refill his wallet but he had told me on Friday (3rd day of orientation) that he has left with a lot of coins which I guessed he had also spend $1.30 for recess and should have $0.70 remaining in his wallet. In this case, if Cherie lend him $0.70 (remaining after she bought her own food), Cyrus should have sufficient money to get himself a bowl of noodle or rice.

Well~ seems like my son doesn't inherit my logical thinking... He totally forgot that he was holding his wallet when I fetched him on Friday from student care and I stuff the wallet at the side pocket of the bag (I already informed him... but as usual... I think he didn't bring his ears out with him...).

When I fetched both C&C after I knock off, I asked about whether they did settle their recess and Cherie told me she spend $1.30 (her own money) to buy a bowl of noodle and as Cyrus doesn't have a single cent (which he actually have in the side pocket of his bag), they shared the bowl of noodle. Cyrus ate more portion while Cherie only get to eat small portion.

Regarding this, I really feel like vomiting blood... the reason being I know that the canteen sell different portion! $1.30 is small portion. They have medium portion at $1.50 and large portion at $2 to cater to different eater (some children are small eater, some children are big eater). They could have buy $2 portion and share... *rolling my eyes real hard*

Cyrus is lucky to have a doting sister but I think this is the reason why he seems so carefree and doesn't feel anything about his responsibility.

After only four days, on the Friday of the same week, Cyrus came back home telling me he had lost his wallet and snack box. I asked him when did he have his snack? He told me he had it in class. I asked him whether he had eaten during recess? He said yes, he had used the money in the wallet to buy food. So the question is, snack break was before recess and he used his wallet during recess so how come both disappear at the same time? Don't tell me he has a black hole inside his bag?

Anyway, losing the wallet and snack box is small issue. I already know that children are forgetful especially when they got things to play so I normally don't get expensive stuff for them. Most of the time I even use free gifts so when they lost it we will not be heart pain. The main point is I felt that Cyrus doesn't take responsibility on his own belonging.

Hence, I talked to both C&C and told Cherie not to help her brother the next time if he forget to bring money or lost his wallet. He really needs to feel some pain (he is a big eater and get hungry easily) to learnt his lesson. He rely too much on us and this is not what I want my kids to be. I rather they be more independent as we will not always be there for them.

Because I love you, I want you to be a stronger and independent person since I won't always be there for you.

A surprise by Cyrus for me after I come out from shower. I love you too son, that's why my most precious gift to you is teaching you to be independent.

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