Monday, February 25, 2019

Towards 2nd month of 2019 (Both C&C in primary school)

Initially my plan was to bring Cyrus (together with Cherie) to school every morning for the 1st week only and let both C&C go to school by themselves from second week onwards (that's what my grand parents did when I attended primary school myself. They brought me to school the first week and I started to go to school myself from second week - if my memory never fail me).

However, Cyrus is not as "mature" as Cherie so ended up I extended to 1 month. On the last day of January 2019, I finally let both of them go to school by themselves. 

During the period when I bring them to school, every morning after preparing their breakfast and food for snack break I will need to wash up and change in order to bring them to school. So ended up they need to wait for me after they had their breakfast and was ready to go to school. By letting them to go to school by themselves, they no need to wait for me hence they have ample time to stroll to school instead of me dragging them. (^0^)

As they grow up and enter different phrase in life, different problem surfaced. Cherie recently comment that she needs tuition on her Chinese as she doesn't really understand what she studied. I have called and checked on Chinese tuition center which is located at the mall near our home. The cost shocks me! The tuition cost approximately $45 per 1 1/2 hours (not inclusive of registration fee). I really contemplate to work as tuition teacher when I retire *lol*. But on the other hand, I've always been good in Chinese and I never get anything less than A since primary school for my Chinese... So I should be able to teach my children by myself don't I? Provided they listen to me... Haiz~

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